The Team

I've surrounded myself with a team of quality photographers who have the same mindset and shoot a similar style.  I have a lot of confidence in my team, and each of them are a perfect extension of the brand I've built.



I'm the founder and owner of Aaron Clark Photography.  I founded this company on the idea that photography should be an enjoyable experience.  I'm well known for handing out as many jokes as business cards.  I absolutely love capturing meaningful moments and my goal is for all of my clients to feel comfortable in front of my camera.



Jeannie is an experienced photographer who has successfully operated her own photography brand for several years. With the recent addition of children, Jeannie has found that she would like to spend more time at home rather than editing photos.  Thus, I'm thrilled to have her shooting for ACP and we handle the editing process.  Jeannie is a fantastic photojournalist and has the ability to capture images that are rich in color and personality.  You can view a bit of Jeannie's portfolio here.



Izzy is the video wizard of ACP.  She has been shooting video commercially for a several years and wanted to use her talents to capture weddings. I'm thrilled to have her on the team!  Almost every video on my website has had her hands on it.  I love what she is producing!  Click the Videography portfolio to see a few of her productions.  (Fun fact: I met Izzy because I shot video for her wedding back in 2014!)



Jordan is the newest member of ACP.   He was recruited for his love of creating photographic art as well as his attention to detail.  He has been chasing beautiful scenes with his camera for several years and recently graduated from Missouri State with a degree in Art Education.  He has already been producing a plethora of keepsake imagery for ACP in his short time with us! See some of his work here.